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Mentors who are like us.
Role models.
Real-life inspirations.

"Yes, you can!" from someone who knows it is possible.

I started this blog because as a foreigner working in Japan, I was struggling to be happy. I wonder if Japan is the right place for me to build and continue my career.

In the meantime, I was curious how others have done it.
Other global citizens who are not native-Japanese speakers, who came to Japan and have built their businesses and careers here.

I started to talk to role models who are from diverse backgrounds, and asked them the important decisions that have helped them reach their goals in Japan.

TokyoTinyData helps global citizens in Japan find inspirations, discover real-life role models who are foreigners and expats just like us.
Learn how they got their startup ideas, launched businesses and careers.
Read about founders who have launched businesses in Japan, and people from all over the world who built their careers here.

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