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First opened in 2000, d&department emerged as the Japanese designer Kenmei Nagaoka‘s commercial project, a concept which mix a shop and a cafe where more than 1500 items of furniture, design goods and recycled items from Japan’s 47 prefectures can be purchased.

This shop and cafe are in a residential part near Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka, an area often ranked #1 on the list of Tokyo’s greatest area to live.

As the first location chosen for his d&department project, you can get a good glimpse of the worldview from its founder. Industrial, sparsely decorated white space, experimental – it feels like stepping inside an unfurnished COMME des GARCONS store. In fact, there is a Good Design Shop where this collaboration happens.

Dining space

In the cafe, one can read or buy books curated by the shop, mostly relates to design thinking and essays on Japanese culture and craftsmanship. If you are a design student, this would be a great place to finish a term paper or as a library full of design references.

Books on design and craftsmanship

The cafe is open from 11:30am, and on certain days closes late at night at 11pm. Order something from the lunch menu and add a cake to dessert is the best way to spend a quiet afternoon.

Cafe time 4-6pm
d&department coffee and cake
Fig fruit tart and single origin coffee
Dessert menu
d design travel

d design travel is a series of travel guide which introduce Japan’s 47 prefectures from the perspective of long-lasting design. The editors for the d design travel series are highly selective in terms of what they choose to feature in each issue.

Tokyo – d design travel

US Amazon

Kyoto – d design travel

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If you are looking for inspirations of Japanese design, regional culture and local cafes this series is for you. Curated by designers full of design digs – it is for you to find the best Japan has to offer.

★ Shop Data

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